“There is no higher honor than human service; to work for the common good is the greatest deed with the highest rewards”

We believe in the phrase above.  It’s why we do it.  To help people in their time of need builds a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment.  When the tone drops we know someone is having a bad (or horrible) day and we want to rush to their aid.  

Working in our environment also makes us a part of something bigger; something we call a Brotherhood.  When you train together and then you go to battle together and everyone works as a well oiled machine… Well that is something that can’t be measured.  There is a strong bond among us and among all other fire departments.


Want To Make A Difference

We’re looking for members who share our passion for human service.  We need members at all times.  So regardless of what shift you work for your civilian job we can use you.  

Are you:

What We Offer

We offer:

Come by Station 1 located at 308 HWY 70 in Pegram during a training or checkoff day or use the contact form on this page.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.