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About Us

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The Pegram Fire Department is a dedicated volunteer department serving the community of Pegram, Tennessee. Established in 1976 by a group of concerned men and women, our department was founded on the realization that our residents needed their own fire department. Prior to our establishment, the Pegram community relied on other fire departments in Cheatham County for their fire and emergency services. Determined to provide the highest level of protection, our founding members worked tirelessly, organizing fundraisers, going door-to-door for donations, and demonstrating unwavering commitment.

Through their efforts, we were able to establish a two-bay fire station and acquire two homemade fire engines, located at the rear of a donated property that is now known as the Town of Pegram City Park. The department was chartered and overseen by a board of directors, and our first fire chief was John F. Patrick. Over the years, we faced challenges with limited resources, relying on donated equipment, homemade apparatus, and members’ personal contributions to sustain our operations. Despite the obstacles, our volunteers remained steadfast in their dedication to serving the community.

Our Journey to Excellence

The Pegram Fire Department, established in 1976, is a volunteer department serving the community of Pegram, Tennessee. With dedicated members and limited resources, we have overcome challenges, expanded our capabilities, and remain committed to providing exceptional fire and emergency services, driven by the principles of pride and commitment.

In 1988

the Pegram Volunteer Fire Department requested to become a department of the Town of Pegram, which was accepted by the municipality. This transition provided us with a more secure budget to conduct operations and marked significant changes for our department. Our fire station underwent expansions, including the addition of larger bays and the conversion of older bays into living quarters. We also acquired our first professionally manufactured fire truck, a 1971 Mack 1250GPM pumper/tanker known as Engine Company 503. This acquisition significantly boosted morale among our volunteers and enhanced our firefighting capabilities.

In 1994

, we celebrated another milestone with the delivery of a new 1994 Freightliner chassis, Ferrara Fire Apparatus manufactured, 3000-gallon tanker, known as Tanker Company 511. This new addition to our fleet further improved our capacity to respond to emergencies and safeguard the community.

In 2002

we moved into a new fire station and town hall building at 308 Highway 70, which provided us with three bays capable of housing six pieces of apparatus. This move allowed us to better serve the community and enhance our operational efficiency. Shortly after the relocation, we acquired Engine Company 502 and Brush Company 521, expanding our firefighting capabilities even further.

Public Building

The Triangle City Square

Sport Center

Graha Super Sports

Office Tower

Great Block Tower

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