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The staple of being a firefighter is fighting fires.  Our members are professionally trained and certified through the Tennessee Fire Service & Codes Enforcement Academy to handle most fires types; structure, vehicle, and brush.  We’ve even been dispatch to pull a fire out on a CSX train passing through our district.  If it is burning then we stratigically use water and/or foam to extinguish the fire.

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With all fires, our job is to evacuate anyone in the burning structure or vehicle and then work to extinguish the fire.  The fire at hand is only part of our focus.  Often times there are nearby structures that are in danger of catching on fire.  So while working to put out the fire we are also protecting nearby homes and property using defensive firefighting techniques.

Brush fires can get out of hand quickly and cover acres of ground.  During a brush fires travel it can approach and then engulf everything in its path: homes, barns, lifestock, vehicles.  Brush fires are more difficult to combat due to how quickly they spread in all directions.  Many brush fires occur due to people burning brush piles and it gets out of control.  It is very important that people that wish to burn brush piles follow safety precautions and obtain a burn permit.  Permits are necessary from October 15 thru May 15.  Go to for details.

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